INDUSTRIA Compilation #3 Limited Vinyl available now for Pre - Order on Diggers Factory.  The Vinyl is scheduled to ship in March if enough orders come in. It includes all unreleased tracks from Compilation #1 + #2, featuring The Lunacy Of Flowers (Robi Insinna Versions), SASM, Silent Servant remix, Robi Insinna’s Hard Work 2020 Dub, Nik Colk Void Remix and some Dub versions.


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Pre-Order Vinyl
Side A starts off with Robi Insinna’s version of Your Way by The Lunacy Of Flowers. The Lunacy Of Flowers is a one man post-industrial act from London. Robi Insinna added and reworked the original version.

Next is SASMDemocracy and Collective Action. SASM is a new collaboration project by Douglas McCarthy (Nitzer Ebb) and Robi Insinna. Under that banner the collective interests of both Insinna and McCarthy in raw beats and sharp edge funk are laid bare. It shows the depth of knowledge and interest in the underground.

Robi Insinna’s Hard Work (2020 Dub) is the last track on this side. The original Version was on IND001 blue limited edition Vinyl.

Side B starts with the Dub version of Your Way by The Lunacy Of Flowers. It was done in a real style dub session using an analog mixer and external reverbs, effects and tape delays.

Silent Servant remixed SASMDemocracy. Juan Mendez aka Silent Servant is a producer and DJ from L.A. He added his apocalyptic culture aesthetics, capturing the youth-driven mutation of crossover electronics. The remix feels like a wired Alan Vega / Nitzer Ebb track from the early 2000's that does not exist.

Nik Colk Void remix of Democracy by SAMS is the next track. Next to her solo work she is part of Carter Tutti Void and Factory Floor.

The last track on this side is Collective Action (Rockers version) by SASM.


1.    The Lunacy Of Flowers - Your Way (Robi Insinna Version)
2.    SASM – Democracy
3.    SASM - Collective Action      
4.    Robi Insinna - Hard Work (2020 Dub)

1. The Lunacy Of Flowers - Your Way (Robi Insinna Dub)
2. SAMS - Democracy (Silent Servant Remix)
3. SASM - Democracy (Nik Colk Void Remix)
4. SASM - Collective Action (Rockers Version)