INDUSTRIA #1 is the first compilation combining the blue vinyl release Hardwork, the red vinyl release Hard Work/You Are A Slave Remixes and new Project SASM.


EUR 10.–

The compilation features original tracks by Robi Insinna, remixes by Die Wilde Jagd, Vox Low and Nik Colk Void. As well as two tracks by SASM, a new collaboration project by Douglas McCarthy (Nitzer Ebb) and Robi Insinna. Under that banner the collective interests of both Insinna and McCarthy in raw beats and sharp edge funk are laid bare. It shows the depth of knowledge and interest in the underground.

SASM is brought to you together with vintage combat and timeless street styles.

INDUSTRIA is an inclusive art, clothing and music project initiated by Robi Insinna, a.k.a. HEADMAN. It encompasses RELISH, the record label that has mined a fertile ground of international artists since 2001.

In the words of the late and dearly beloved ANDREW WEATHERALL on SASM: “Really loving the tracks. Looking forward to hearing more of the project. 
Love and respect.
Andrew W.”

There will be a 3rd vinyl release with SASM tracks and additional remixes coming out later in the year.

1. SASM - Democracy (Vocal Version)
2. SASM - Collective Action
3. Robi Insinna - Hard Work
4. Robi Insinna - The Kiss
5. Robi Insinna - Some Believe
6. Robi Insinna - Oct17
7. SASM - Democracy (Nik Colk Void Remix)
8. Robi Insinna - Hard Work (2020 Dub)
9.SASM - Democracy (Dub Version)
10.SASM - Collective Action (Rockers Version)
11.Robi Insinna - Hard Work (Vox Low Remix)
12.Robi Insinna - Hard Work (Die Wilde Jagd Remix)